Visualization jobs submission

Users can submit visualization jobs on the cluster. It consists to reserve resources on visualization nodes and to launch VNC server on it.
The user can then launch a VNC client on its local computer with the right given parameters. (You can use TigerVNC client
The right command to submit visualization jobs from login nodes is /softs/OAR/visu_sub.
This is the one which displays connection parameters.

To launch a visualization session on 1 core during 2 hours :

[user@cicada2 ~]$ /softs/OAR/visu_sub
[ADMISSION RULE] Modify resource description with type constraints

Waiting job 502 to be running.
You can launch your VNC viewer on the address:

               Password: 20424714

Note: This password is only valid ONE time. If you want to generate another
password for this session then type:

               OAR_JOB_ID=502 oarsh visu01 vncpasswd -o -display visu01:1

For VNC client, you have to put the right display here and the password, so you can access to your desktop and your personal directories on the cluster.

The visualization session launch script has some options, type the command :

[user@cicada ~]$ /softs/OAR/visu_sub -h
Examples using /softs/OAR/visu_sub:

    /softs/OAR/visu_sub [-l nodedesc] [-g geometry]
        Launch a visualization job on 1 core for 2 hours by default

    /softs/OAR/visu_sub -l core=1,walltime=4:00:00
    /softs/OAR/visu_sub -l cpu=1,walltime=6:30:00 -g 1280x1024
    /softs/OAR/visu_sub -l host=1,walltime=4:00:00
    /softs/OAR/visu_sub -l "{visu='YES'}/core=1+{visu='NO'}/host=4,walltime=4:00:00"

You have to follow the instructions which will be printed to your
terminal to connect to your VNC server.
You can terminate your session by 2 ways:
    - in your desktop, you can log out
    - oardel job_id

Vous accédez ainsi à votre bureau distant :

The cicada cluster has 8 visualization nodes : to
The display :1 to :12
The password is a One Time Password, only valid during the OAR session.

On visualization nodes, you can use the environment module command to access the whole visualization softwares installed.

Launching OpenGL accelerated softwares

Once connected on the reserved node, you can launch any accelerated application by foregoing your command by vglrun. For instance, to use paraview :

module load Paraview/4.0.1
vglrun paraview

Using of Bull Extreme Factory software platform

the Interactive Computing Centre has acquired the software platform Extreme Factory from Bull

The soft is available at :

To access and to define all the necessary applications you want to use through Internet, you must do the express demand at : adm-calculs [at] unice [dot] fr



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