Use of SSHFS to log on to your Cicada account

SSHFS allows you to mount on your local file system a remote file system through a secure SSH connection.

You can mnipulate your remote datas in the same way as they were on your local computer, very convenient to edit files or to use file managers like Nautilus.

With your user rights.

WARNING : You must read the documentation for proper use of SSHFS on your local system !!


SSHFS for Linux

For Linux, it is imperative to install :

  • FUSE package
  • SSHFS package

Depeding on your Linux distribution.

Type the following commands :

~$ mkdir sshfs_cicada
~$ sshfs sshfs_cicada -o follow_symlinks -o ServerAliveInterval=15

To unmount correctly the cicada file system

~$ fusermount -u sshfs_cicada

See man pages for the different Linux distributions !

WARNING : The follow_symlinks option is very important because it allows you to access your symbolic links through SSHFS ! The ServerAliveInterval option permits to avoid disconnection SSH issues !


SSHFS for Windows

For Windows, you must use Dokan tools :



For MAC, you can use :

A very good tutorial :



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