Connection to login machine

To log on, you must :

  • have a validated IP address on the login machine (see details in Login Account form)
  • have an opened account on the CICADA cluster (see details in Login Account form)
  • have a SSH client on your personal computer :

Type the following command :


If you have some disconnection issues, you can use the following command :

ssh -o ServerAliveInterval=15

2 login machines are avalaible cicada1 and cicada2, you can connect on the one or the other and they are perfectly identical

user@client ~$ ssh's password: 
Last login: Fri Oct 12 08:57:53 2012 from client

			Welcome to the cluster cicada 
                              _                   __      
                       _____ (_)_____ ____ _ ____/ /____ _
                      / ___// // ___// __ `// __  // __ `/
                     / /__ / // /__ / /_/ // /_/ // /_/ / 
                     \___//_/ \___/ \__,_/ \__,_/ \__,_/  
                                                          NICE university 
[user@cicada1 ~]$

At the first connection on one of these 2 login machines, you have to change necessarily your password via the command passwd.

You can use SSHFS to login to the machine : see SSHFS


Disk space

So you can access your both personal directories :

  • your home directory /home/user where you can store your programs and documents
  • your personal directory for compute in /workspace/user where you can temporarily store your calculation datas

WARNING : up to now

  • These 2 spaces have no disk quota, if users abuse, quotas will be implemented ASAP.
  • For /home, the maximum available space is 25 TeraBytes and shared by all.
  • For /workspace, the maximum available space is 260 TB and shared by all.
  • NONE OF THESE 2 DIRECTORIES ARE SAVED : you must do your own backups on your client computer !

Some tips for a good use of your disk space :

  • You can work in your /home/user when you develop and test your code.
  • You must work in your /workspace/user when you launch computing jobs and want to store resulting datas.
  • For an easier use of workspace, it is advisable to create a symbolic link in your home directory via the command :
cd ~
ln -s /workspace/user workspace

For informations, the bandwidth output of GPFS /workspace is about 4Go/s for read / write !


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