Some examples of submission commands

To reserve 2 whole generic compute nodes :

-l nodes=2 -p "nbcores=16 AND visu='NO'"

To reserve 2 processors on 2 generic nodes with 1 processor per node :

-l nodes=2/cpu=1 -p "nbcores=16 AND visu='NO'"

To reserve 2 cores on 2 generic nodes with 1 core per node :

-l nodes=2/core=1 -p "nbcores=16 AND visu='NO'"

To reserve the whole SMP node :

-l nodes=1 -p "host='smp01'" -t smp

To reserve 1 processor on SMP node :

-l nodes=1/cpu=1 -p "host='smp01'" -t smp

To reserve 2 whole visualization nodes :

-l nodes=2 -p "visu='YES'" -t visu

To reserve 1 core on a visualization node :

-l nodes=1/core=1 -p "visu='YES'" -t visu

To reserve 4 nodes during 3 days et to receive all notifications about this job by mail :

-l nodes=4/cpu=2,walltime=72:00:00 -p "nbcores=16 AND visu='NO'" --notify ""

Of course, you have the possibility and you must make a script with all OAR directives (launch it with command oarsub -S ./script)

#OAR -l nodes=4/cpu=2,walltime=72:00:00
#OAR -p nbcores=16 AND visu='NO'
#OAR --notify ""
#OAR -O file.out
#OAR -E file.err
exit $?



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