Use of ParaView in client/server mode

On Cicada, ParaView software has been compiled in client mode on visualization nodes and in server mode on generic nodes.

It has been compiled with OpenMPI library which is loaded automatically when ParaView module is loaded.

User guide

To connect on Cicada as user, then to launch remote visualization job as usual

To connect via VncViewer with all good parameters : see Remote visualization

To launch ParaView servers via OAR script

#OAR -n paraview_server
#OAR -l nodes=2,walltime=700:00:00
#OAR -p nbcores=16 AND visu = 'NO'
#OAR -O paraview_server.result.%jobid%.log
#OAR -E paraview_server.error.%jobid%.log
#OAR --notify

module purge
module load ParaView/Server/openmpi-1.6.4/4.0.1

ulimit -s unlimited

NSLOTS=$(cat $OAR_NODEFILE | wc -l)
PREF=$(dirname `which mpirun` | awk -F'/[^/]*$' '{print $1}')

mpirun --prefix $PREF -np $NSLOTS -machinefile $OAR_NODEFILE pvserver --use-offscreen-rendering

exit $?

Of course, you must put in the script the good OAR directives which fit together with the wanted resources.

You can do that via interactive job.


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