Cicada access

You must follow all the procedures to open an account on the cluster :

  1. You must print and fill up the form named in french "Demande_Ressources_CCI_UNS" avalaible in three formats.
    You must send the completed form by mail to the following address : calculs-cs [at] unice [dot] fr
  2. The Scientific Committee gathers and answers your form.
  3. The project manager receives by mail all the necessary documents, the Account management form and the users chart of Interactive Computing Centre of University Nice Sophia Antipolis.
    For each project, you must send by mail one form of account management with all desired accounts, and for each user (login account), a filled and signed users chart to another mail address.
  4. The initial password will be communicate to each user by phone or in person for security reasons.

No account will be created if the procedure above is not followed and no password will be send by mail even at University mail addresses !

Warning : if your phone number is not valid, your account will be closed ASAP.


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