Interactive Computation Centre of Nice Sophia Antipolis University (Cluster for Education and Research of University Nice Sophia Antipolis) is a shared IT resource centre, depending on the Common Information System Service (DSI) of the University created at September 2012.

Its main goal is to provide to research laboratories and students of the University an IT platform of high quality and flexible access, combining innovative interactive computing, high level supercomputing (HPC), high level and ultra fast storage and efficient secured remote visualization capabilities.

The Centre roles :

  • To provide the computation and visualization resources to the scientific community and students of the University in full complementarity with regional Mesocentres and major international high performance computing centres
  • To help users or future users in their computing project
  • To be used for educational purposes through high level training on all aspects of scientific computing and visualization



With financial support of :



Université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis
28 Avenue de Valrose
B.P. 2135
06103 NICE Cedex 02